Schools to Festival programme

With the support of the TOI Foundation, Right Royal Cabaret Fest offers students throughout Taranaki the opportunity to experience an exciting new show from circus theatre company The Dust Palace: Wallace and Ned.

Wallace and Ned is a mad cap adventure - filled with fun, silliness and circus!  

Two bumbling and down on their luck thieves concoct a ludicrous plan to sneak into the travelling circus to steal the very valuable, very rare golden pants of the famous Russian superstar Yuri Gorbechov!

Will they be successful in their deceitful endeavour? or will the local policeman Dirk Dunlop catch them red handed?

If you are interested in finding out more about the Schools Programme, please contact our Festival Manager: [email protected]


The Taranaki Arts Festival Trust believes we have a responsibility to give as many school children as we can access to performing arts. Exposure to arts and culture has many positive effects on the community’s wellbeing and the future of our next generation.

Over the last 30 years, our Schools Programme has given thousands of school children the opportunity to experience the arts who may not otherwise be able to.

Pay It Forward, Keep Arts Thriving invites you to purchase a ticket, at the checkout of your purchase, that will create an opportunity for a Taranaki school child to experience a live performing art show right here in our community. 

Your $5 donation goes a long way to ensure that Arts Thrive Here for the next 30 years.

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